What we do​

Humanitarian Relief

As part of our intervention and commitment towards transforming the Almajiri
Educational System, we continuously provide for the children, with the help of our
partner, immediate relief that cuts across shelter, nutrition, clothing, health, personal
hygiene, and WASH.


Almacare is one of our sustainable and innovative solutions designed to tackle the
inaccessibility of healthcare facilities and services by the Almajiri children. Over
150,000 almajiri children are estimated to benefit from this program.

Almajiri Child Rights Day

Almajiri Child Rights Day is a citizen-led advocacy and accountability program
designed to trigger and sustain debates and conversations around the Almajiri

Provision of Shelter

Deplorable living conditions with poor hygiene and sanitation levels. Our work is also focused on changing this condition.

Attitudinal Change

Not only focused on transforming the Almajiri Educational System, but our collective
efforts also focused on the mindset change and transformation of the parents who
send their children to the school, the Almajiri school administrators, and the


Daily life characterized by having to beg for food and a lack of access to clean water. This, we hope to change with our work.